Pawn or Your Car Today and Still Drive It! 

If your car is fully paid off, you can access cash on your vehicle, and still be able to drive it!

Cater for those unexpected expenses, repairs or other quick cash-injection needs with our sell and drive options, pawn your car and still drive it

You can pawn your car with us for cash. And still drive your car around while you got a quick cash injection for those unexpected expenses. Quick and easy!

How to Pawn you Car


Here at Gloob Auto, we help our clients gain access to instant cash when they need it most, if you
have a fully paid off vehicle and have found yourself in a situation where you need money right
away, we are the professionals that are here to help you. We understand that dealing with bank
institutions and family members who are either unwilling or unable to help can be tough and at
times even frustrating. So, we have a simple solution for you, pawn your vehicle with us and keep it,
get access to your much-needed funds and then still be able to drive yourself to every important
place that you need to be.
Pawning your vehicle means that you are unlocking the cash value of your fully paid off asset, while
maintaining its ownership, otherwise known as ‘asset lending’, this is a safe and hassle-free way of
gaining access to a quick lump sum without having to undergo credit checks, tons of paperwork and
banks that are only interested in A-grade customers who have fantastic credit scores.
This all means that you can use your car to get instant cash the day you need it and still have the
ability to drive it around anywhere you please.
At Gloob Auto we accept all kinds of vehicles including motorcycles, caravans, boats or even farming
tractors, as long as the asset is in your name and fully paid off, you will be able to unlock its cash
value and gain access to instant money when you need it most.
Because we are here to help, each deal we make is unique and specific to every customer, we
ensure that you get the best deal possible in the shortest amount of time and we pride ourselves on
treating all of our customers applications with the utmost discretion and confidentiality.
With Gloob Auto there are no restrictions on funds, once your application has been approved, the
money is yours to spend on anything you need, be it for personal reasons or business ventures.
Thanks to our unique online application process, you can now pawn your vehicle with us no matter
where you drive to, the application process is fast and simple, all you need to do is send
us the following documentation and we will handle the rest:
Three months bank statements

  • A recent pay slip
  • A valid South African ID
  • Proof of address
  • Original car papers
  • Current car papers (RC1)
  • Pictures of the vehicle, the front, sides, back, interior and mileage.

It is important to remember that when pawning your vehicle with us, the asset must be in your own
name. Once you receive approval, the agreed upon amount will be transferred into your local bank
account via EFT, however, if you require hard cash, we are still able to help you, up until a certain
amount and T&Cs will apply.
For more information regarding the types of vehicles we accept and the assessment process that you
will be going through, please fill out our contact sheet or call us on 012 015 00 00

Do you have other assets you want to pawn take a look at SOS Pawn

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We will contact you back