Cash Against Car Papers

Let’s face it, times are tough and the South African economy seems to be taking hit after hit, the most recent of which is the emergence of Covid19 and the dreaded multileveled lockdown. Most of us have found ourselves unsure of our financial futures and more stressed about money than ever. There are so many situations that we could find ourselves in where we need large amounts of cash and fast, be it for a medical emergency, our child’s upcoming wedding day or yet another year without a Christmas bonus.

In these situations, many people turn to their local banks in order to obtain a loan, this can often take days to get approval and even longer to get access to your money. If you have missed payments with your bank or any other traditional lending service, then you might have a bad credit record which may result in you getting declined for the money that you so desperately need. It is worse if you are blacklisted, being blacklisted means that you will immediately get declined from any credit check when it comes to being approved for a new loan.

So, what to do if you need emergency cash and you need it fast? Well, there is a solution, you can get cash against your car papers, otherwise known as pawning your car. It is the fastest way to get access to a large amount of money without having to deal with your bank or going through credit checks where you might be declined for approval. Pawning your car takes only a few hours and is wonderfully simple, there are no mountains of paperwork to be done and no judgmental bankers who are only interested in wealthy clients with excellent credit records, you can even pawn your car without ever leaving your house.

How does this work?

The first step would be to find a reputable pawn broker, a company who can help you with instant cash against your car papers, luckily, Gloob Auto happens to be one of the best in the country. You can pawn all types of motor vehicles with them including boats, motorcycles, caravans, earth moving equipment or even farming tractors, if it has a resale value, chances are, you can pawn it.

The best thing about getting cash against your car papers is that you can keep your car after you have pawned it, most companies insist that you leave your vehicle with them at a safe storage facility but not at Gloob Auto, they allow you to keep your car and drive it to anywhere you need to be, causing as little disruption to your every day life as possible.

The only requirements for pawning your car is that your vehicle must be fully paid off and in your own name, that is it. The entire process is fast, easy and most importantly discreet, no one will ever know that you have pawned your car and you will be able to afford those expensive emergencies without having to ask friends or family for help.

Gloob Auto has a unique online application system where you can pawn your car without having to leave your house, you fill in your basic information, send a copy of your ID, a recent pay slip, your proof of address and your vehicles original RC1 papers along with photos of the sides, front, back, interior and mileage of your vehicle and your good to go. Gloob Auto will then do a full assessment and get back to you with the good news and a cash offer within the same day.

Once you have accepted the offer, you can expect your money to be transferred into your local bank account via EFT payment, if you need hard cash, this can be arranged but only up until a certain amount and further T&C’s will apply. There you have it, instant cash, the day you need it with no miles of red tape or pesky credit checks that get in the way.

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