The top 10 cars in SA that hold their resale value

If you are in the market for a new vehicle and depreciation is something that you look at when choosing a new make and model then the statistics done by the vehicle evaluation group ‘True Price’ may help make your decision a little easier.  

The company True Price gets the below statistics by collecting data from hundreds of auctions across the country every year, they calculate the actual price achieved on auction as a percentage of the original list price to figure out the exact resale value percentage. While this does not apply to trade-in or dealer transaction prices, it does give us a very good idea of the prices that people are willing to pay for the different kinds of vehicles. Looking to pawn you car contact Gloob now.

The latest study identifies the cars with the best resale value in South Africa at the end of 2019.

Volkswagen Tiguan

Standing in the number one spot is the very popular Tiguan SUV, it raked in an impressive 87.07 percent, making it the model with the highest resale value in South Africa. The vehicle is sought after by all age groups but more so with families as it makes a brilliant ‘soccer mom’ car. The interior is spacious and has all the modern comforts and tech features that one would expect from a luxury SUV.

Kia Picanto

With its funky design and dazzling colors, the Kia Picanto is always a sure winner in auctions, the brand has really grown in popularity over the last couple of years and the Picanto has built a strong reputation for its reliability. The Kia Picanto holds the number 2 spot with an 81.27 percent.

Volkswagen Polo Vivo

The Polo Vivo takes the bronze with an 80.42 percent. This spec rich hatchback remains the number one choice for those looking for affordability, it also remains an all time favorite on the auction floor with traders knowing that this is a vehicle that can easily be sold.

Volkswagen Golf

An absolute icon, the first golf was launched in 1984 and has done nothing but improve ever since, what makes this brand so popular is its incredible performance and handling. The golf series is extremely popular among young trend-setting South Africans who like to zoom around the cities in a high performance, yet affordable vehicle. The Golf holds its own with an 80.06 percent.

Kia Rio

As mentioned previously, Kia has grown in reputation over these past few years for its quality and reliability. The Rio is popular thanks to its good fuel economy, nimble handling and modern spunky design, it takes the number five spot with an 80.00 percent.

Toyota Hilux

It is not surprising that the most loved vehicle in South Africa has made this list, the Toyota Hilux is a legend within our beloved country. It is popular thanks to its reputation for being extremely reliable, a durable work horse and having widely available, and affordable parts. Many people consider the Hilux as “good value for money” and it holds the number six spot with a 78.56 percent.

Toyota Fortuner

The Toyota brand has a stellar reputation for being a reliable vehicle with a low maintenance cost, its long service intervals and low service cost means that the ownership cost comes down by a significant amount. The Fortuner has become increasingly popular among South African families thanks to its spacious interior making it the perfect ‘soccer mom’ car. The Fortuner rakes in a 77.73 percent.

Isuzu KB/D Max

An excellent work horse bakkie with an impressive towing capacity. The KB/D Max is popular with those travelling through rugged terrain or using the bakkie for its hard work capabilities, the KB/D Max sits at number 8 with a 76.41 percent.

Renault Kwid

Taking the number 9 spot with a 73.30 percent is the Renault Kwid, popular for its attractive price, SUV style exterior and fuel efficiency, the Kwid is sought after mainly by first-time buyers who want the look and modernity of a luxury SUV with the economy and pricing of a hatchback. 

Hyundai Grand i10

Last on the list but certainly not least is the Grand i10, packed with loads of specs and available as an automatic, the Grand i10 does well in auctions for its features and affordability, it takes last place with a well-deserved 73.26 percent.

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