Tips for Selling your Gold Jewelry

Before you sell your gold jewelry, consider the following guidelines to ensure that the money you receive is worth parting with jewelry that frequently represents beloved memories

Examine each piece of jewelry you intend to sell thoroughly. Most gold jewelry has some emotional value. Make certain that the emotional worth does not outweigh the price you will get for your gold. Broken things, earrings with a missing pair, and outmoded items with no emotional connection are the ideal pieces of jewelry to consider.

Get an appraisal if its a Antique 
get it appraised. Designer or antique jewelry may be worth more as a finished piece than the gold metal itself.


Using our cutting-edge equipment, our team of skilled appraisers will meticulously inspect and test your gold, jewelry, diamond, silver, and platinum to estimate its worth. Your item(s) will also be evaluated based on the following criteria:

  • The gold price on the current day
  • If your item is made of precious metal,
  • The precious metal's weight
  • The metal's purity
  • Any particular item attributes

We will calculate your offer based on the combination of these requirements. Pawn or Sell your Gold now with Gloob Auto, We buy gold (yellow, white, and rose), silver, and platinum, among other precious metals.

Selling gold is an efficient way to raise some much-needed funds. We provide a comprehensive range of products and services to our clients. We buy gold, silver, platinum, and diamond jewelry - new, old, and damaged - as well as gold coins and KrugerRands for top market values based on purity and weight. People trade gold for a variety of reasons. Everyone is always seeking for a quick way to generate money, whether it's to pay bills or put money in their pockets. If you lose your job or experience some unforeseen event, selling or pawning gold could be your route to financial independence.

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